No Deception – Sept 3 PM


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Whoa.  Just came home to see that my girlfriend L— found a picture of a girl that I was sort of seeing when her and I first met.  The picture is of A—, a cute and scantily clad brunette sitting on my bed.  She is smiling up at the camera and doesn’t leave much of a doubt of what had just taken place.

I see a note from L—…  She is very honest, understanding and not really angry.  Holy shit.  What a level headed girl.

I call her up and reiterate that when we first met I WAS seeing other girls but I stopped once I realized that I was in love with her.  From that point on I didn’t feel good about continuing to date anyone else.  One of the hardest things I ever had to do was tell another perfectly sweet, utterly adorable girl that I was ending our playtime because of another adorable jewel of a woman.  L— is very understanding sometimes.  She isn’t even upset!

Update from 2009: L— Definitely wasn’t as level headed as she seemed here.  I never heard the end of this little incident!

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