No Deception – Sept 3 AM


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Update from yesterday:   Apparently this friend didn’t want to see my ass as much as I didn’t want to see his.  When I told him I’d get him a taxi he obliged and that was that.  Pretty easy considering all the effort I wasted worrying about it!

Speaking of wasted effort…  Wow.  My life is so much cleaner than it used to be.  I feel lighter.  I feel great.  I don’t feel responsible for everyone else’s feelings and it’s such a relief!  I didn’t realize until now how much I let other peoples feelings dictate my life.  Caring about other people is extremely important but not when it intrudes upon your own well being.  Being direct and slightly dickish is pretty nice.

Liz knows it’s my month of honesty and I’m just glad she hasn’t asked me any questions that she didn’t want to hear the answer to.  I’m not going to tempt her by mentioning this to her.

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