No Deception – Sept 11


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I accidentally deceived someone today and didn’t even realize it until much later.  I was attending the Los Angeles downtown art walk and was in need of a beer.  My group and I, some couch surfers from, went to bar 107 and I quickly ordered a beer.  Normally there is plenty of wine at the artwalk but today was different.  The art was really really good but there was a significant lack of alcohol.  I got a large pabst blue ribbon in a can and milled around the bar.  It was a cool place but too busy and too crowded.  Within 10 minutes group decided to leave and head to the classier joint, The Edison.  I, uncharacteristically, didn’t feel like pounding my beer so I put it into my coat pocket and proceeded in my deception.  As I leave the place the bouncer stops me and point to the energy drink in my hand which I had when I walked into the place.  He told me to take it inside.  My friends looked on and thought I was getting caught but they didn’t know that I wasn’t getting stopped for the secret beer in my coat.  I, again, told the bouncer that I had the energy drink the whole time and he finally let me walk past.  Seconds later, I produced the beer on and drank some on the street, celebrating my caper.  The surfers looked on with subtle amazement.  I guess these ones are pretty straight laced.

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