No Procrastination – Oct 1


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It’s a little strange dropping a habit cold-turkey.  What a strange saying that is too…  Cold turkey…  The day went mostly well; I answered all phone calls until, “Shit, J—‘s mom!”  I have a friend who has been acting strangely and getting into more trouble than normal and whenever he disappears for days at a time his mom calls me to see if I know his whereabouts and to convince herself he’s being murdered by psychos in the desert.  “No A—, why would anyone sneak into J—‘s car while he’s sleeping with it to kill him?  He’s one of the toughest guys I know and would give them a hell of a time.”  I don’t like being pulled into other people’s drama so I ignored the call.  Procrastination fail.  Damn, now I HAVE to call her back!

So I called her back and, 20 minutes of complaining and explaining later, I was done and felt a little better about confronting an unpleasant task.

The phone rings again…  Damnit, it’s the annoying client I mentioned last month…  He hasn’t paid me in a year and always calls w/ emergencies.  This time at 9pm.  I’m in the middle of a good book and the last thing I want to do is walk him through some procedure.  Maybe it’ll just be a quick one.
“Hello?  Uh huh, your mail isn’t working?  Let me walk you through it’s settings…”  Ugh…  Oh great, he has to go take another call.  Awesome, “Call me back when you’re done.”

“Ok so let’s configure outlook…  An error message?  What’s it say?  Hrmm we should run a detect and repair.  You can’t find the cd?  OK, find the cd, run a detect and repair and then call me back to configure.”

Great, more reading…

Arg, he’s calling again,  “It still isn’t working?  Sounds like outlook is hosed…  Ok let’s reinstall office.  Go ahead and run the uninstall and then reinstall office.  Call me when you’re done”

It’s not 11pm and I don’t want to walk him through anything.  This guy is a taker and he’ll take and take and take and take until you realize you’re being taken.  I’m gonna strategically plan a shower right now…  Hopefully I won’t hear the phone when it goes off.

Aha, my plan worked perfectly, he called and I didn’t gave to ignore his call.  Plus it’s now passed midnight and who knows, it might be too late to call him back!

On a side note I may have to have a month of no sneakiness.

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