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In a moment of extreme irony, or extreme truth, I haven’t figured out which is more appropriate, I decided to stop putting off my month of no procrastination.  Starting today I won’t put anything off that I can feasibly take care of now.  Since I can’t do very many things at once there will be times that I need to reschedule a task but I don’t count scheduling something for a later time as procrastination.  Planning to do something in the future isn’t procrastination.

Highest on this list is not ignoring phone calls and getting back to friends/clients who are trying to contact me.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love not not getting back to people immediately and it definitely has it’s advantages.  It sort of ‘trains’ people  not to call just to bullshit.  I must not be a phone person or maybe I just like my bullshit like I like my sex: in person.  It’s like the first line of defense against useless blabbing.   It works pretty well too.  Most my friends don’t call me just to blab and most my clients don’t call without first trying to solve the problem theirself.

There are extremes though and I’ve been known to forget to call people back altogether or let my voice mail pile up so high that I don’t get back to clients emergency situations until much later.  Bad business.

This month, I will not ignore calls unless in a meeting or other situation that legitimately justifies hitting the ignore button on my phone.  Also, I won’t put off business projects and other tasks simply because I don’t feel like doing it.

So without further ado!

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