No Procrastination – Oct 5


Filed Under : 12 Abstinances - Month 4 - No Procrastination

I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to give up for November.  The idea came upon me just as my girlfriend did in the attic of my parents house.

I’m normally a fairly cluttered person.  My stuff is usually all scattered about my room or car or bag or whatever.  I have stuff still in the boxes from when I moved 6 days ago, along with the stuff in boxes from when I moved 5 months ago along with the stuff in boxes form when I went to Europe last year.  While at my parents house on Sunday I discovered boxes from when I moved out of their house next to boxes of my old toys along with boxes of old video game magazines dating from the early 90s!  I never clean up after myself and I’m thinking that taking a month to get my life clean is just what the doctor ordered.

Now I have this month, the next month (no swearing) and the month after that (no leaving a mess) planned out.  My 12 absinances are 1/2 way done!

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