What the hell is going on?


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About a year and a half ago just while still in the afterglow of an amazing weekend I harmlessly decided to give up all intoxicants for one month.  Simple.  After that VERY boring month of living like a hermit I decided to give up a different thing the next month.  And then a different thing after that.  What lies herein are my journeys as I challenge my status quo, rethink old assumptions, and dive into the bizarre to the extreme that even A.J. Jacobs would be proud (I hope at least).

Admittedly, the title is a bit of a misnomer since, after the 12 months were over, I decided to continue my experiments but I’m keeping the name anyways so you’ll just have to deal 😛

Welcome to my personal eternal lent.

2 thoughts on “What the hell is going on?

  1. Ez0r

    That would be super difficult considering I make house calls all day for a living… That’ll go on the todo list after I find new means of employment

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