With increasing frequency I’m ashamed to be American


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I remember the first time I can say I was ashamed to be an American. I must have been in my teens in history class and learned of the MS St. Louis, the ship full of Jews that was turned away from at least 3 countries including the “immigrant loving” USA. How could our supposed Jesus loving, Statue of Liberty embracing fellow Americans be so cruel to send Jews back to the Nazis a good portion of whom died in concentration camps? This isn’t the America I was taught to love.

I fear that we as a country have always been a far cry from the heroic Founding Fathers but now our moral hypocrisy is getting harder to hide. Fox News frequently spouts that we’re the greatest nation that has ever existed and yet how great can we be if we can’t shelter some kids who came thousands of miles to escape a drug war that we started and continue to fuel?

To the Americans at the border chanting that “Jesus wouldn’t break the law” and for the kids to “go back to Mexico” I tell you this: read your holy book, particularly Matthew 25 v37-46 and tell me who the righteous are and who the evil people are.

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