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Day 10

Just signed my name using my left hand. Looks like it registered a 10 on the richter scale! At least I was successful in transferring my nervous ticks from on side to another.

Give up dominant hand – Dec 1

This month my friends voted for what I abstain from. It was a tie between giving up hot water (a truly brutal task!), right hand dominance, and all disposable products materials (think throw away bottles, napkins, plastic cups etc). I got a few suggestions such as giving up all things yellow. Not sure what the […]

What the hell is going on?

About a year and a half ago just while still in the afterglow of an amazing weekend I harmlessly decided to give up all intoxicants for one month.  Simple.  After that VERY boring month of living like a hermit I decided to give up a different thing the next month.  And then a different thing […]

No Swearing – Results

A few weeks back when I told my friend that I was giving up swearing he told me that I needed to start making up exotic curses to fill the void left by my favourite, if oft over used, expletives.  He said I should call someone a “pusillanimous son of a bitch” if they pissed […]

No leaving messes – Review

This month was an exercise in learning respect for others.  When one doesn’t clean up after oneself then there is a disrespect done to another who has to clean up the mess. I found myself folding the sheets if I slept in someone’s guest room, wiping up a mess I accidentally left in a restaurant […]

No Procrastination – Oct 10

Not doing too well on the no procrastination thing today.  Ignoring phone calls and generally taking a long time to get back to people/places/things.  I’m hungover so fuck.

No Procrastination – Oct 5

I’m pretty sure I know what I’m going to give up for November.  The idea came upon me just as my girlfriend did in the attic of my parents house. I’m normally a fairly cluttered person.  My stuff is usually all scattered about my room or car or bag or whatever.  I have stuff still […]

No Procrastination – Oct 2

I wake up to 3 txt’s and a voicemail from W—.  He’s supposed to have paid me by the 1st of october, but he says he can only pay me about 1/3 of what he owes me.  No wonder I don’t want to do any work for him.  I’m going to have to set a […]

No Procrastination – Oct 1

It’s a little strange dropping a habit cold-turkey.  What a strange saying that is too…  Cold turkey…  The day went mostly well; I answered all phone calls until, “Shit, J—’s mom!”  I have a friend who has been acting strangely and getting into more trouble than normal and whenever he disappears for days at a […]

No Procrastination – Intro

In a moment of extreme irony, or extreme truth, I haven’t figured out which is more appropriate, I decided to stop putting off my month of no procrastination.  Starting today I won’t put anything off that I can feasibly take care of now.  Since I can’t do very many things at once there will be […]